Rent a bike in Andros

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If you are looking to Rent a Bike in Andros with consistency and quality then surely Dinos is what you are looking for. We provide comprehensive and reliable solutions for renting motorcycles, Scooters and ATVs. Travel is our passion and we always focus on the customer by offering high-quality services. Do you want to go alone or with your company? Through a wide variety of more than 50 motorcycles, we will help you discover our island, the ultimate freedom on the magic of the two wheels driving. In order to offer you a unique life experience in Andros, we will ensure you have a safe and exciting journey, in the unique landscapes and magical spots of our island. The great knowledge of the field and the high standards we offer in combination with the special prices we offer you can guarantee your absolute satisfaction.

Why rent a bike in Andros by Dinos?

  • Because we have a new fleet of well-equipped motorcycles.
  • Because we have a wide range of products covering all needs to rent a bike in Andros
  • Because our fleet is maintained by us and by qualified engineers to provide you with a safe trip every time.
  • Because we will help you get to know the island better. We have mapped well-known and unknown corners of the island.
  • Why we work with companies that have the most reliable vehicles!

Rent a Bike in Andros with a history of 35 years

Rent a bike AndrosDinos Rent a Bike in Andros for more than 35 years, starting in the summer of 1985. We have more than 35 years of experience in meeting the needs of the visitors of Andros. We always try to offer the best services. In our privately owned facilities, you will find plenty of motorbikes and ATV’s suitable for your own needs. To rent a bike in Andros, from A to Z, your trip starts with Dinos.